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About FaceCure | The First Real Virtual Urgent Care Service Provider

About FaceCure
FaceCure is the world's first virtual urgent care provider. Delivering basic health care straight to the comfort of your own home by fully trained technicians, FaceCure revolutionizes convenience while committing itself to the same quality of care that you've come to expect; unfortunately, visits to the emergency room or urgent care facilities can have egregious wait times, but with FaceCure, members may select appointment times 24 hours a day, having a technician arrive without latency.

A full examination will be performed and clinical data are securely accessible by everyone involved. After the face to face consultation, the physician provides diagnoses, recommends treatment options and electronically prescribe medications to your selected pharmacy.

FaceCure believes we can achieve mass adoption by providing the efficiency in saving time and lower the costs of healthcare.

Easy, affordable and intimate, FaceCure aims.