About Us

Doctor Using Tablet

FaceCure has created the world’s first truly virtual clinic to improve the quality of care, increase efficiency in the care delivery system, and enhance both patient and provider satisfaction, all while reducing costs.

First, FaceCure brings back nostalgically personal house-call care by enabling a provider to treat patients in the comfort of their own homes.

Second, FaceCure helps to reduce the time needed for documentation, thereby giving the providers more time to care for their patients.

Third, it provides patients with the tools needed to be proactive in their health.

Fourth, it creates an ecosystem that promotes relationships and communications between patients and care providers.

Fifth, it allows providers to worry less about running the business of medicine and allows them more time to focus on actually practicing medicine.

Developed by the Eprosystem technology team, FaceCure is an app that works on any desktop and mobile device that is seamlessly integrated real-time clinical data with our certified EHR (Electronic Healthcare Records). This highly innovative app allows providers to treat their patients in the comfort of their own homes. It enables care providers with the ability to complete a full examination and render diagnoses confidently. In addition, by collaborating with pharmacies and laboratories, FaceCure presents a comprehensive platform of care that is more expedient, efficient, immediate, cost-effective, personal and secure.

History of FaceCure – An Eprosystem Inc. Company

FaceCure is being incubated by Eprosystem Inc., a certified complete EHR developer, web services and transactions provider (e-prescriptions, e-labs, e-claims, integration with HL7, EDI, CCDA), and medical billing services provider.

Eprosystem is a strategic partner of FaceCure, offering initial capital, development guidance, human resources, and operational infrastructure.